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Why an Energy Audit is Important for Your Home

If you want to have an energy-efficient home, you must ensure that the appliances and inner structures of your home are properly sealed and secured. At Smart Energy Solutions, we make it our mission to provide you the comfortable home that you strive for while also reducing your energy costs. When coupled with a solar installation, customers are not only reducing their monthly energy expenditures, but also becoming self-sufficient and more environmentally-friendly.

It doesn’t matter if your home is brand new or if it was built in colonial times, there is energy going to waste in the form of your hard-earned money. If you have not had your home inspected, or constructed to prevent energy insufficiencies, the chances are excellent that you could benefit from an energy audit. There are several factors at play when a Smart Energy Solutions employee visits your home or commercial property. By performing specific energy tests, we can help find the problem and then develop the best plan to not only help save money, but also to maximize your home’s efficiency to provide you and your family the utmost comfort.

An energy audit can not only improve your quality of life and positively impact your wallet, it will also improve heating and cooling, prevent excess moisture that can lead to mildew or mold, and provide clean air that can help improve your health. In addition, you are also helping the environment by reducing your energy usage.

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Make Your Home Comfortable and Sustainable

Smart Energy Solutions was created as a division of Sun Solar to provide energy-saving alternatives for owners of both commercial and residential properties.

Smart Energy Solutions offers stand-alone services designed exclusively for energy efficiency as well as our “Reduce Before You Produce” program that includes energy efficiency services in conjunction with solar installation. Customers’ individual needs are assessed by our energy efficiency experts. These services can ultimately save customers 20% or more on their energy expenditures. If these services are combined with a solar panel installation as a part of our “Reduce Before You Produce” package, the average savings is between eight and $10,000 toward the cost of the system.

Additionally, if you do pursue that option, both services can be included in our solar package financing. The energy efficiency package alone may also qualify for financing, as well as government and state programs that can offer rebates and significant savings toward the overall costs associated with energy upgrades.


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