Charitable Giving – Sun Solar’s Feature in 417 Magazine

Sun Solar was honored to be featured in the Biz 417 Magazine for its philanthropic work and charitable giving within the community. Check out the article full article here!

Sun Solar is a local, family-owned solar installation company who focuses on giving back to the local community in which we live and work in. Through the Solar Panel Donation Program, Sun Solar partners with new customers and donates one solar panel on their behalf to a local charity. The Springfield local charity for 2018 is Eden Village, a community for the homeless. These panels will be installed on the Community Center of Eden Village in August 2018 and will help to offset, or eliminate, the organization’s utility bill, allowing more money to be invested in the members of its community.






Ray & Celia, local Military Veterans, were the first customers to sign their contract to go solar and have a panel donated to Eden Village in their name. “We are so thrilled to take part!”