Sometimes change is hard.

We get it. Making the decision to do something big can be really difficult.

You just want to make sure that what you’re doing is best for you and for your family. You don’t want to make life any harder than it already is.

We respect your right to know what’s best for your life and don’t want to tell you what to do. We just want to tell you why we are so dedicated to solar.

You can decide from there.

We really love to save money.

I mean, that’s a given right? Doesn’t everyone like to save money?

We all have an electric bill. We all hate to pay our electric bill. That’s pretty universal. Solar gives us the opportunity to break that tie to unnecessary costs.

You have to have electricity, but you don’t have to pay an ever increasing rate just to have it. Our solar gives you two options to avoid that. Buy your solar to own the power you create with a lower monthly cost or use our Smart Plan to lock in a lower rate that will never go up or fluctuate with usage. Not to mention you won’t be under big utility’s thumb anymore.

Because we really love freedom too.

That’s something all of us in the Sun Solar family have in common. We love to know that we can live independently and renewably. We’re rebels like that.

We think everyone should have the chance to feel that kind of freedom which is why we push so hard for solar. We want the world to control how they live life and not be told what to do by big utility monopolies.

Besides, traditional utilities don’t always think of the environment.

Planet earth is important to us at Sun Solar too.

We feel strongly that we should always leave the world a little better than we found it. Solar power helps accomplish that.

Solar is clean energy that doesn’t corrupt the air we breath or the planet we live on. We only get one earth and we have to preserve it if we want future generations to to be able to enjoy it too. That’s really the foundation for everything we do.

We truly care about the lives of others.

Improving lives is at the core of what we, at Sun Solar, stand for. We are a family of employees that do our job because it makes us feel good to know we are doing something good.

We know that our services make lives better, make the earth better, and make a real difference. That’s not a sales pitch. That’s just who we are.

An hour-long appointment with one of our energy consultants can genuinely change a family’s life for the better and that means the world to all of us.

The ball’s in your court.

Want to learn more about who we are and what we do?

Give us a call or chat with one of our appointment setters to set up your energy consultation.

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We’d love to welcome you to the family!

New customers give us those warm fuzzy feelings.