Electric Cars Powered by Solar


Some of the most technological innovations are occurring right now and you get to be a witness to them; isn’t that exciting? Just the thought of owning an electric car in the past might not have seemed attainable, but today’s technology is offering us that and much more. As the world is gradually moving toward electric cars, so will we see the tendency to have these cars powered by solar. Tesla recently brought into production the new Model 3 electric car – and Sun Solar was honored to be one of the first businesses in the area to receive this electric car. As a company that strives to stay at the forefront of sustainable energy initiatives, we certainly seek to be active participants and proponents of eclectic energy efficient solutions.


(Our CEO, Caleb Arthur, and COO, Jeremy Atchley in front of the new Sun Solar Tesla Model 3 at the 417 Biz Excellence in Technology Awards Ceremony)


One such forthcoming solution appears to come in the form of electric cars powered by solar. The idea of a car solar roof was previously discussed during the makings of the Tesla Model 3 car, but it has proven to be an idea that is yet to come to fruition. Nevertheless, that does not mean that we will not see cars directly fueled from the sun in the near future. A considerable step forward in this regard has been made by the Danish start-up Lightyear that has provided the solar-powered electric car known as “Lightyear One” (even the name itself sounds futuristic). Although still in its beginnings, this company’s car is solar-powered and can run for months on mere sunshine, with specific estimations ranging from around 200 to 500 miles depending on other factors as well. By 2019, the company intends to have 10 Lightyear One cars.



Currently, other automobile companies like Ford and Toyota have been utilizing PV in order to boost their respective hybrid, as well as plug-in hybrid cars. The extra energy production has been mostly applied to power audio systems and lights. One of the existing issues with solar-powered cars is that the energy production from the sun is not sufficient to cover the needed car mileage. This was also one of the anticipated issues for the current Tesla Model 3 that was projected to have a solar panel rooftop to charge it. However, it appears that this will not be an ever-present problem with startups like Lightyear tackling it. Will we be driving electric cars powered by solar energy in the very near future? That remains to be seen, but all the signs point to a positive outcome.


And who knows, maybe in the not-so-distant future you might also be the owner of a solar-powered car yourself. In other words, no more gas money spent on fuel. While you wait for that to happen, you can take some other action to help out the environment, reduce your monthly utilities and have greater energy production by simply installing solar panels in your household. Our team at Sun Solar prides ourselves in offering the best possible prices and solar panel installations all in one place. More than that, we have our consultants available to guide you whether you come from Springfield, Kansas City, Columbia or Joplin. You can start your solar journey today by contacting (855) 464-6786!