Here at Sun Solar we care about energy efficiency just like we care about renewable energy. After all, going solar is only part of the equation when it comes to saving money. If you want the most out of your solar investment then you must be sure that your home is operating at it’s highest energy efficiency.

What does it mean to have an energy efficient home?

Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same function.

Having a home that meets its efficiency potential just means that your home expends as little energy as possible by using only what it needs. In other words, little to no energy is going to waste.

How do I know if my home has optimal efficiency?

No two homes will be identical in their efficiency and will all have individual needs to meet their potential. Your home will have it’s own footprint of energy usage and we will be happy to help you find out what it looks like.

The Smart Energy Solutions division of Sun Solar is designed to help you see what your home needs for maximum savings. Our technicians can come to your home and perform an energy audit by doing multiple tests.

  • They will conduct a blower door test to check the building envelope.
    • This test will seal off the home and force air through it to locate any temperature changes.
  • They will check appliances and fixtures for their current energy usage.
  • They will take a baseline of what amount of energy is currently being used by your home.

The auditor will now be able to show you exactly what your home needs to operate at it’s full energy potential.

My home needs energy upgrades. Now what?

As a part of the energy audit process our auditor will develop a customized plan to fix your home’s energy loss issues. They will pinpoint where the problem areas are and what needs to be done to correct them. Once a plan is in place they will begin the energy upgrade process.

They will do things like:

  • Air sealing and weather stripping
  • Duct repair and sealing
  • Attic entrance sealing
  • Air filter replacement
  • Installation of LED bulbs
  • Installation of smart thermostat
  • Attic and crawlspace insulation
  • Water heater insulation

Once these changes are made, we will then run the blower door test again and document the improvements in efficiency.

Your home will then be optimized to save energy and provide some other great benefits. You can expect better indoor air quality, fewer problems with pests and insects, and less overall maintenance.

What does this mean for my solar?

One of the reasons we, at Sun Solar, make energy efficiency a top priority is because it reduces your solar needs and saves you money.

When your home is performing at it’s highest energy saving potential, you aren’t using as much energy. When your energy consumption goes down, you will need less solar energy to power your home.

Welcome to your first solar savings.

Our goal is always to help YOU, the customer, find the most affordable way to use renewable energy.

We want to help you save the planet and your pocketbook all at the same time. We’re cool like that.

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