We get it – utility bills can be a hassle. It’s one thing to have to pay for your mortgage, internet and trash, but your utility bill can fluctuate wildly from month to month depending on the weather and your energy usage. How are you supposed to know what to expect if your utility bill is never consistent? If you want to take control of your bill, you’ll have to take a hard look at your energy usage and start making some changes.

When you start examining your energy usage, you may wonder what your next steps are. Today, we’re going to give you some tips to help clarify where your energy use is coming from so you can start saving on your electric bill.

What can I do to lower my energy bill?

If you want to lower your energy bill, your first steps should be:  

  • Identify your major energy users. Often, the bulk of our energy comes from large appliances like washers, dryers and ovens.  In peak energy times during summer and winter, you should consider trying to use these appliances less. For instance, you may opt to wash your clothes fewer times a week or prepare meals that can be made without the use of an oven. Even these small measures can add up to make a dent in your utility bill.
  • Get rid of phantom load. What’s phantom load, you ask? Phantom load is the name for energy that is used without you realizing, usually caused by items being plugged in when not in use. Leaving your TV or hair dryer plugged in when you leave for work would be an example of phantom load. Each time you’re done using an appliance, make sure you’re unplugging it. If you have too many items to remember to unplug, make the process easier by getting a surge protector that can be unplugged.
  • Remove leaks. Keeping your home warm or cool can be a challenge when you’re battling against leaks. Check all around your home for places where energy may be leaking and consider sealing those areas. Some of the most common places to have leaks include outlets, baseboards and window frames. If your home has an unfinished attic, check that it is insulated and consider sealing it off or adding insulation if needed.
  • Get a programmable thermostat. With smart thermostats, you have more control over your energy usage than ever. Think about it – do you really need to be heating your home when you’re at work all day? Programmable thermostats can help you to control the temperature of your home more closely than a traditional thermostat, meaning you get to save energy and money on your bill.

How can Sun Solar help me?

Making your home energy efficient can feel impossible to do on your own. Through our Smart Energy Solutions division, we can help you make your home energy efficient by performing an energy audit and discovering where you’re losing money on your bill. After performing an energy audit, Smart Energy Solutions will help you to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

These changes are included in your home energy audit:

  • Water heater insulation jacket install
  • LED light bulb upgrades
  • Attic entrance sealing
  • Blower door testing
  • Air sealing and weather stripping
  • Duct repair and sealing
  • Programmable smart thermostat

Once these adjustments are made, you can start to enjoy a lower energy bill and better heat/cold retention in your home. Spending less money and keeping a warmer house — can you ask for anything better?  

Add even more to your energy savings by adding solar panels to your home. Calculate your potential savings using our Solar Savings Calculator.

If you’d like to learn more about our Smart Energy Solutions program or going solar, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have