Solar seems to be everywhere nowadays…

Maybe you’ve heard about it on the news or one of your neighbors has it set up on their roof. You might have noticed new panels on some local businesses. Maybe you just happened to like our Facebook page and see us posting about it ALL THE TIME.

No matter what brought it to your attention, you know that you keep seeing solar more and more everyday.

Solar is not a new concept

… but it’s still pretty young in the Midwest.

The technology for a solar cell itself has been around since the 1950’s, but here it still feels so futuristic and unattainable. It feels like something we saw on the Jetson’s when we were kids. Who could afford something so technologically advanced right here in Missouri? Well, the answer to that question is more simple than you may realize.

Anyone who owns their home and pays a utility bill is a good candidate for solar.

Say what?

It’s really that simple. You don’t have to be a millionaire living on the California coast. You just have to be an average American looking for a better way to power their home.

Solar isn’t a fad for the wealthy and it won’t just go away. Solar is the future because it allows normal, everyday home and business owners a little more freedom in their lives while keeping the lights on. As a solar owner, you can break free from the utility monopoly, save money on monthly expenses, and build a future that allows you to enjoy your time without pinching pennies just to get by. It also helps reduce your carbon footprint and allows you to live sustainably.

Solar would give YOU all those things.


Too good to be true?

We get this response a lot. We also get…

“You’re just trying to make a sale and all this talk is a gimic.”


“I can’t REALLY afford solar…”

Listen up everyone,

We don’t just put solar panels on any building we’re asked to. We have standards to meet and we will let you know if, for some crazy reason, solar isn’t right for you right now. Sun Solar won’t sell you a system if it isn’t in your best interest. Not even if you beg. We are in this to make the world a better place and to make our customer’s lives more full and efficient. We are here to be a voice for solar power because it is truly a game changer in the energy world.  If we didn’t tell you the truth we couldn’t be that voice. We couldn’t spread the news that solar is here to stay and here for all.

Not everyone may be ready for solar right now, but solar is ready is for everyone.

Want to find out if YOU are solar ready?

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