It’s been almost a decade since the solar industry started booming at a rapid pace across the U.S. While many solar providers hit the scene in recent years, it’s rare to find an installer that has been active in promoting sustainable energy since the industry found its footing.

As of May 2021, Sun Solar has been in business for nine years. In that time, we’ve flourished from a single-man operation from humble beginnings to the #1 solar installer in Missouri, and one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation.

History of Sun Solar

Caleb Arthur, the founder of Sun Solar, didn’t start as a pioneer in the solar industry. In fact, after his time at Missouri State University, he began as a local police officer. However, early in his career, he suffered a severe injury that caused him to step away from policing altogether.

While he was in recovery, Caleb began to research solar and sustainable energy sources to save money on his electric bill and reduce his grid dependence. However, there weren’t many installers in the area that could help him with his home setup. Caleb wasn’t about to let this setback stop him, though.  Instead, he decided to roll up his sleeves and do it himself. He dove into learning everything he could about solar installation and created a ground mount solar setup to power his home.

During the process, Caleb realized there was an opportunity here. Renewable energy was about to have its moment, and Caleb decided to seize the chance. He believed the shift towards cleaner energy was inevitable, even in more conservative areas where the conversation doesn’t often turn towards sustainability or climate change.

By founding Sun Solar, Caleb’s motivation was simple. He wanted to educate his community and traditionally valued peers on the benefits of renewable energy. He wanted to show that jobs in fossil fuels or coal can transition to solar and that solar panels can provide customers with freedom of choice and self-sufficiency when it comes to their energy bills.

With the idea and motivation, Caleb set out to work building Sun Solar. At first, he did it all—knocking on doors, educating customers, and providing installation services. Within a few years, the company flourished into a major player in the solar industry.

Today, Sun Solar operates facilities in Houston, Missouri; Springfield, Missouri; and satellite offices in Kansas City, Columbia, and St. Louis. In fact, we’re the second-fastest growing company in Missouri and the ninth-fastest growing energy company in the country.

And we’re looking ahead toward a sustainable future with clean energy and thousands of jobs powered by solar.

Community Impact Initiatives

Sun Solar has roots in Missouri. Even as we continue to expand regionally, we always try to give back to our hometowns.

Job Growth

The coal and natural gas industries have taken significant hits over the years. With the rise of green energy, it’s likely these changes in job trends will continue. Sun Solar is the largest provider of solar energy jobs in Missouri. We’re dedicated to helping former fossil fuel workers transition their careers to the fast-growing world of solar energy.

Community Outreach

Sun Solar participates in numerous charity events throughout the region. However, the project we are most proud of is Eden Village. This community of energy-efficient tiny homes was built to provide housing opportunities for the disabled homeless. With our donation of 380 panels (114kW), these homes have their energy costs entirely offset by solar.

Commitment to Sustainability

We care about our community, and we care about our planet’s future. That’s why Sun Solar takes a “reduce before you produce” approach. Through our Smart Energy Solutions division, we’re able to audit homes for inefficiencies. This serves to help customers reduce their energy bills even further, so their solar panels will reduce their carbon footprint and save them even more money.

Looking Toward the Future

With government incentives for going solar and a boom of interest in solar panels after dangerous weather patterns, Sun Solar is well-positioned to grow rapidly in the coming years. With our dedication to sustainability and job creation for previous workers in other energy sectors, we’re excited to see what our future in solar will bring.

For us, the future looks pretty bright.