Going solar has the potential to save you serious money.

Let Sun Solar show you how this investment makes financial sense for you.

Immediate Cost Savings

You can realize immediate savings by switching to solar. Once your system is installed, your payments will be equal to or less than your current electric bill. Best of all, your rates will be locked in and will never go up. Once your system is paid off, you’ll be saving thousands every year.

Long-Term Inflation Protection

Besides the immediate savings, you’ll also recognize significant benefits in long-term inflation protection. Utility rates have increased by approximately 5% annually over time. With uncertainty in the industry, electric rates are poised to increase substantially in the coming years. With solar, you can forget about that uncertainty. You’re generating your own power and are no longer subject to price increases. The savings can really add up over the 25 year lifespan of your system.

Government and Utility Incentives

The government and utility incentives available really start to swing the pendulum in favor of solar. There is a 30% federal tax credit you’ll immediately qualify for once your system is installed. Plus, some utilities provide free cash incentives that can also help pay for your system. To find out what you may qualify for, visit the Tax Credit/Rebate page of this website.

Low Costs

Thanks to our relationships with suppliers and our low overhead, we’re able to pass these cost savings on to our customers. We have some of the most attractive pricing in the industry. Get your free quote today and we’ll evaluate which options would be the most financially attractive for your business.


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