The question we are most often asked at Sun Solar is “How much will it cost to go solar?”

Many want an instant quote of an average price for going solar, but it’s not as simple as just giving a ballpark figure. We don’t want to make any financial guarantees when the price could vary depending on many factors. Things like the size or square footage of your property cannot determine an estimated cost without considering energy usage.

What we need to know

To better explain our process we created this list of basic factors that are considered when determining the cost of your home or business’s solar system:

  • Your average Kilowatt hours used (this is the most important factor)
  • How many panels your system needs (this directly relates to usage)
  • How much room you have to accommodate the mounting of the panels
  • If you are eligible for any rebates or discounts

Aside from those items, there are also other factors that can further effect the customization of your solar system

  • Shade- We check your property for any shading that could block your panels. If you have significant shading issues we let you know and discuss options with you.
  • Weather data- Weather data will be collected for your home or business through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to find out just how much sun your house can be expected to receive.

Getting you the most solar for your money

You will also have an Energy Assessment. We will do a serious of tests to find out how to help your home reach its maximum energy efficiency level. This allows our team to find out just where your home loses the most energy and fix those issues. We will do air sealing, weather stripping, duct repair, air filter replacement, and/or water heater insulation when needed. We will also install energy efficient items like LED bulb and smart thermostat upgrades to lower your overall energy usage. This can then reduce the system size needed to accommodate your usage and lower overall cost.

Once we have helped you determine your best solar options and given you a price quote, we will walk you through different payment options. While some customers do pay in cash we also have financing available. 

You can also visit our Promotions page to find out about special offers including our military/fire/police discounts!

 Still have solar questions?

If you still have questions, we’re here to help. 

We have a great team of  energy consultants who can get you the information you need.

Give us a call at 417-413-1786

We will ask a few questions to start the process and then set you up with your free, no obligation appointment.

We can’t wait to show you what solar has to offer!