When you start researching solar, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of information that’s out there. There’s a never ending supply of differing websites with differing biases, each with their own agenda and feelings about solar energy. When it gets down to it, what’s true and what isn’t?

We’re here to give you the straight truth and bust some of the most pervasive solar myths. Let’s separate the facts from fiction when it comes to solar energy.

Myth #1: Solar panels won’t work with my roof. It’ll end up ruined! I don’t want it to look terrible if I resell it!

Solar panels won’t ruin your roof. In some cases, solar panels can help prolong the life of your roof since it protects it from the elements. Licensed solar installers are experts when it comes to carefully placing your panels, and they won’t install panels on a roof that cannot handle it. If your roof is truly in need of a repair, don’t worry. Ground mounts, canopy solar panels and carport solar panels can all be installed on areas that are not your roof, leaving you plenty of alternatives if the roof is not an option.

As far as the aesthetics of the roof go, it’s mostly subjective. Personally, we enjoy the look and say there’s nothing more fashionable than being environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Having solar panels on your roof won’t lower the value of your home either — rather, it will raise the value of your home. For each dollar saved on your energy bill, another $20 is added to the value of your home. Need more convincing? Another study found that homes with solar sold 20% faster and for 17% more than equivalent non-solar homes. Yup, the benefits just keep adding up.

Myth #2: Solar panels are too expensive. They’re never going to pay themselves off and I’ll be saddled with a huge bill.

Thanks to a number of financing options, this doesn’t have to be the case. First, there are several federal and state programs that offer rebates and tax credits to homes and businesses that are interested in going solar. Some of these programs will be expiring in the next few years, so it’s important to move fast if you want to receive them.

Aside from tax credits and rebates, you may also look into the different financing options for your solar panels. If you’re not wanting to make an upfront investment, you might choose to lease your solar system instead of buying it. For those purchasing a solar system, you can choose between paying in cash or having a monthly loan payment that usually takes the place of your electric bill. Plus, once your system is paid off, you essentially receive your energy for free.

Myth #3: Solar panels don’t make that much of a difference environmentally. What’s the point?

Solar panels are a great, easy way to lessen your reliance on the grid and help improve the environment. Each day, 73,000 terawatts of solar energy shine on Earth, which is 10,000 times our daily global energy use. Why would we not harness that power and use it for the good of the planet? If you’re needing a little extra convincing, check out these sustainable solar energy facts:

  • If 14% of US electricity is gathered via solar in 2030, air pollution would cause $167 billion less in health and environmental damages.
  • Making the switch from fossil fuels to solar has the same environmental impact as planting 155 trees a year.
  • Widespread solar adoption would eliminate air pollutants that cause many respiratory and cardiovascular problems.
  • Solar works during heat waves and droughts without water, unlike coal, gas and nuclear power which can use up needed resources.

Myth #4 Going solar is too hard and complicated. It’s not like the solar company is going to help me.

This doesn’t have to be the case. While we can’t speak for every solar company, at Sun Solar, we’re there with you every step of the way. We start our process with a free quote that tells you how much going solar will cost you compared to the amount you will save. If you make the decision to install a solar system, we will work with you to determine the best fit for your home or business depending on your sun exposure, budget and aesthetic desires. We can help point you in the direction of tax incentives and rebates when applicable and ensure you receive the best price for your system.

Once your system is installed, we ensure your system’s success with warranties that range from 10 years on our solar batteries to 25+ years on our panels and inverters.  If you ever have any questions, Sun Solar is only a phone call away. No matter when your system was installed, our NABCEP-certified technicians can assist you with your needs and provide support when necessary.


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