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Tax Credits and Incentives

Federal Tax Credit

Government agencies and businesses qualify to receive a tax credit for 30% of the cost for their solar system to be used as a tax liability for the year that the system was installed. This can be claimed all at once or can be spread out over 5 years. *Always consult with your trusted tax professional to verify eligibility.

Solar Rebates

Your utility company may offer a rebate for those using solar energy, providing you with cash to pay for a portion of your solar system. These rebates are available for a limited time only.


REAP Grants

The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) offers loan guarantees through and gives up to 25% of the total solar cost for agricultural producers and small, rural businesses.

System Depreciation

Tax laws have changed, and you can now depreciate your solar electric system 100% after the first year of installation. You can spread this out over 5-years if needed.

Roof Mount Solar
Roof mounts are a classic option for solar panels, providing an easily installable solution for your business solar needs.
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Canopy Solar System
It’s a shade-seeker’s paradise. Solar-paneled covered canopies offer maximum energy benefits and the perfect place for your visitors to relax.
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Carport Solar Systems
Your customers will appreciate covered parking even more when it gives back to the planet. Solar carports save space while adding value to your business.
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Solar Financing Options


With a low-interest solar loan from  Sun Solar, you can start saving money with solar without immediate cash. Sun Solar has a variety of loan options, or you can buy your solar system outright through a loan from a trusted bank or credit union. 

Power Purchase Agreement 

With this option, you pay no money down and have a solar system installed on your business or organization. Then you simply buy the power that the system produces at a cheaper rate than what you’re paying the electric company now.


By paying cash, you can get an upfront lower cost and start seeing a quicker return on investment. Paying cash allows you to avoid a solar payment and say goodbye to rising electric rates for all of the electricity your solar produces for life.

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