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Financing & Incentives

Smart Home Plan

Looking to enjoy the benefits of green living without having to purchase a system? Use our in-house Smart home program to go solar without a large up-front investment by leasing a solar system and making low monthly payments.


With a low-interest solar loan from Sun Solar, you can start saving money with solar without immediate cash. Sun Solar has a variety of loan options, or you can buy your solar system outright through a loan from a trusted bank or credit union. 



By paying cash, you can get an upfront lower cost and start seeing a quicker return on investment. Paying cash allows you to avoid a solar payment and say goodbye to rising electric rates for all of the electricity your solar produces for life.

Federal Tax Credit

The 30% federal solar tax credit allows solar energy system owners to deduct 30% of their installation costs from their federal taxes, significantly reducing the upfront investment required. This tax credit, which applies to both residential and commercial systems, is a major incentive for adopting solar energy. By lowering the initial cost, the tax credit accelerates the payback period, making solar energy systems more financially accessible and attractive to a broader range of homeowners and businesses across the United States.


Solar Rebates

In Illinois, solar rebates further enhance the financial benefits of installing solar energy systems. These rebates, offered by state and local programs, can significantly decrease the net cost of installation, complementing the federal tax credit. By taking advantage of both the federal tax credit and state-specific rebates, Illinois residents can maximize their savings. This combination of incentives helps accelerate the return on investment, making solar energy a highly cost-effective and appealing option for many homeowners and businesses. 


In Illinois, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) offer a financial opportunity for solar energy system owners. These certificates can be sold to utilities or other buyers for up to 20% of the system’s cost, providing additional income beyond electricity savings. By generating and selling SRECs, solar system owners can offset installation costs and achieve quicker payback periods, making solar energy a financially attractive investment in Illinois.

Solar Install Options

Roof Mount

Our roof mount panels work with many different roof materials and shapes, providing a modern look to your home without taking up any space on the ground.

Ground Mount

Ground mount solar panels allow you to utilize land that is going unused, giving you the freedom to orient your panel in a way that best generates power.

Tesla Solar roof

Tesla Solar Roof is our luxury roof mount option. Comprised of shingle sized Solar Tiles, Tesla Solar Roof is masterful solution. Buy a new roof and get solar in the deal! We offer the same 25-year Workmanship Warranty for Tesla Solar Roof as well as any other of our solar products.

What Do Others Say?

Get some reviews from other Sun Solar Customers!

Rod H.
Rod H.
30 Weeks Ago
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Ryan Cook was outstanding in his knowledge and responsiveness to any questions. He knew we needed my solar system installed by a certain date and the company made it happen. I have had a minimum $10/month Ameren electric bill ever since my system was installed in June 2023. I also had them install a Generac 22kw generator this fall with no issues.
Kay H.
Kay H.
18 Weeks Ago
Read More
My best birthday present ever was brought to me today by Sun Solar! Bailey, Logan, Will and Justus showed up with my new solar system and was finished by suppertime. Everything was cleaned up beautifully. All the crew were courteous, efficient and very forthcoming with answers to my many questions. I highly recommend this company and this crew!!
Marie K
Marie K
17 Weeks Ago
Read More
Kyler has been the best to work with! Very attentive and always available to answer any and all questions! Sun Solar has been an awesome company to work with! Only makes it better that we hardly have an electric bill at all! So thankful for them and Kyler making such a smooth and easy process.

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