The Current Landscape of Solar Energy in Nebraska

Nebraska boasts an impressive average of 223 sunny days annually, surpassing the national average of 205 sunny days.* Such abundant sunlight presents a lucrative opportunity for harnessing solar power to meet both residential and commercial electricity needs.

According to projections by Google’s Project Sunroof, widespread adoption of solar panels across 85% of Nebraska’s buildings could result in the state generating over 6 million MW of AC electricity annually.*

Solar Energy Production in Nebraska as per the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Nebraska recorded 1,325 solar installations in the first quarter of 2021, contributing 63.3 MW of electricity to the grid. While this constitutes only 0.23% of the state’s total electricity supply, it is sufficient to power approximately 7,931 homes. *

Advantages of Solar Adoption in Nebraska the current climate presents an opportune moment for Nebraska residents to embrace solar energy for their homes. Over the past five years, solar installation costs have plummeted by 43%, making solar electricity more affordable than grid electricity.

Investing in a solar system for your Nebraska home today could yield substantial savings, with the potential to recoup your initial investment within 6.1 to 7.4 years.* Furthermore, installing solar panels enhances property value, with a 5-kW system potentially adding up to $17,000 in value. *

Embracing solar power also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions. If 85% of Nebraska buildings adopted solar panels, CO2 emissions in the state could decrease by 3.4 million metric tons. *

Cost Considerations The cost of installing a home solar system varies based on several factors, including roof size and angle, local weather conditions, the chosen installation company, solar panel quality, and property energy requirements. On average in Nebraska, owning a 5 kW solar system ranges from $14,800 to $15,850, translating to approximately $2.96 to $3.17 per watt, before factoring in available tax credits or incentives. *

Maximizing Solar Incentives To minimize the financial outlay for transitioning to solar energy, homeowners in Nebraska can take advantage of various incentives:

  1. Federal Solar Tax Credit: Eligible homeowners can claim a tax credit of up to 30% of the total solar installation cost. *
  2. Net Metering: Nebraska offers a robust net metering program, allowing homeowners to receive full credit for surplus electricity generated by their solar systems and fed back into the grid. *
  3. State Energy Tax Credits: While not as substantial as the federal tax credit, local tax incentives in Nebraska can still contribute to reducing solar installation costs.*

Selecting the Right Solar Solution Choosing a reputable and licensed solar company is crucial to ensure a seamless transition to clean energy. A reputable contractor will tailor solar solutions to align with your budget, enhance property value, and meet your energy requirements. Whether you have limited roof space or seek high-efficiency panels, a reliable solar contractor will provide personalized recommendations to maximize your return on investment and help you navigate available incentives.

To begin your journey towards sustainable energy, request a complimentary consultation with Sun Solar today. Our team will promptly schedule a discussion to explore your options further. Alternatively, you can reach us directly at (417) 413-1786.