Sun Solar 2016 Employee AppreciationAt Missouri Sun Solar, we are proud of all of our accomplishments; both individually and collectively achieved. One of the greatest things about working with a great team like ours is seeing the fruits of our labor. This year, Missouri Sun Solar has been given two prestigious awards and we couldn’t be more thankful. We owe it to our wonderful team of employees and our loyal customers for helping us get there.

One major accomplishment has been receiving a spot on The Inc. 5000 list. The Inc. 5000 list recognizes the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the nation. The Inc. 500 are the top 500 companies on that list. Though all 5,000 companies are listed on the website, only the top 500 are highlighted in the September issue of the magazine. Missouri Sun Solar has earned the position of 156 on the 2016 Inc. 500 list. Holding a position in the Inc. 500 is a huge honor. Some companies who have also been honorees of the list are Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, GoPro, and Cliff Bar- just to name a few.

Another great accomplishment we are proud of is ranking No. 195 on Solar Power World’s 2016 Top 500 Solar Contractors list. This year marks the fifth edition of their annual list, and we are ecstatic to have earned a spot!

Receiving recognition for hard work, dedication, and environmental consciousness is all we could ever ask for. Receiving multiple recognitions; that’s beyond expectation.

Missouri Sun Solar would like to thank all of our customers, supporters, employees, and business partners for their own contributions that helped in making these recognitions possible. We could not have done it without you!