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Solar Financing

Paying for solar is easier than ever with Sun Solar’s financing options. For little money out of your pocket, you can start spending less on your electricity bill and see your savings grow exponentially.

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  • Smarthome Plan

    Low monthly payments make it easy to add solar to your home or business and allow you to start paying less for your electricity than ever before.

    • Optional buyout after year 7 of leasing
    • Decrease your bill from day one
    • No large upfront investment
  • Loan

    You can apply for a loan through your local bank or credit union or explore Sun Solar’s loan options, allowing you to finance your solar system even if you cannot purchase it outright. Even better, you can utilize tax credits and rebates for a cheaper payment!

    • Loan payment is typically less than electric bill
    • Free electricity once paid off
    • Save money even if you can’t buy outright
  • Cash

    By paying off your solar system with cash upfront, you can see a quicker return on investment and end your reliance on the grid.

    • Quick return on investment
    • Tax credits and rebates can lower price
    • No solar payment after
  • Hero

    HERO financing is based off the equity in your home and debt payment history, meaning that a low credit score is not an immediate disqualifier. See if you are in a HERO approved area and apply for a no-money down, fixed-rate financing program

    • Flexible term lengths
    • Not primarily based on credit score
    • Competitive, fixed interest rate
  • PACE

    Through the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, businesses in participating areas can pay for their solar system through their property tax, allowing repayment for up to 20 years on a fixed rate loan.

    • Energy efficiency measures may be included
    • Fixed-rates offered
    • Financing for up to 20 years

We are so pleased to have Sun Solar as a vibrant part of the Springfield community. The company's focus on solar energy will aid tremendously as the city and its residents continue to rely more and more upon renewable energy. We have a good story to tell locally, and Sun Solar is a big part of that story.

Ken McClure, City of Springfield Mayor
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