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Sun Solar is now in 6 different markets distributed throughout the Mid-West. As a result, we’re able to provide the level of service and attention our customers require from Missouri, to Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, to Kansas and then to Texas. We’ve got you covered.

How Solar Works

  • Solar panels are composed of silicon crystals that help turn sunlight into electricity. These panels are placed on your roof, on a ground mount or on a nearby structure with good exposure to sunlight. After your panels are installed, your solar panels will receive sunlight and produce energy.

  • The DC power produced by your solar panels is sent to your inverter, which is often located in a central hub or located on the back of each individual solar panel. This inverter turns this DC current into usable AC electricity.

  • After being converted to AC electricity, your energy will flow into either your electrical panel or breaker box to be used for your home or facility.

  • Your utility company will install a meter that measures both the electricity used and produced by your solar panels. Through net-metering, if you produce more energy than you use, you will receive credits for your next utility bill.

  • You can monitor how your solar system is performing with easy-to-understand monitoring equipment, providing you peace of mind that your system is working.

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