With a low-interest solar loan, you can start saving money with solar even if you don’t have cash to buy a system.

In most cases, your monthly payment will be close to your electric bill from day one. No maintenance or repairs for you to worry about. If someone offered you an opportunity to have your very own gas pump that gave you $2.50/gallon gas for the next 25 years, would you take it? With a solar loan, you have your very own power plant that will provide you with electricity at lower than market rates for years to come.

Yes, you CAN afford solar.

How Does it Work?

Our financing programs allow you to make low monthly payments at a low interest rate. The financing is unsecured, so you’re not tying up equity in your home or other assets. By using a loan, you also get to take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax credit, which isn’t always available with other financing programs. The approval process consists of a phone call or online application. You’ll know within 15 minutes if you’re approved and all of the documentation is handled online. It truly is a no-hassle, quick process to go solar.

Then you’ll start making payments after the job is installed and you’re generating power.

Start Saving Money Now

These programs allow you to go solar now and keep money in your pocket. Over the 25 year warrantied life of your system, most homes will save $50,000 to $100,000 by taking this approach. That’s money you can put toward retirement or use as a bonus to your monthly budget.

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