Whether it’s in like a lamb or out like a lion, the early days of spring are greeted with cheers in the Midwest. During the cold and dreary days of winter, we start to believe that warm days and sunshine are never coming back. But when March hits and those first rays of warmth finally arrive, we know that long, sunny days are finally here.

Before long, these temperate days will give way to hot and humid summer weather. So, before you find yourself hit with another year of summer utility blues, hear us out: spring is absolutely the best time to go solar.

Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why.

Reason 1: Get your solar installed before summer

Solar power installed by specialists can take a bit of time to get up and running. From the moment you call in to your solar system being switched on can take up to three months. After your consultation, we work hard behind the scenes to deal with permits, planning, inspections, and other regulatory tasks. While we’re happy to handle the paperwork side of things, these tasks with the city and utility companies take time to complete.

If you made the call to get your solar system installed in March, for example, you would be up and running by June. By the time setup is complete, you would still be able to reap the benefits of the longest, sunniest days of the year! This also means that during summer’s hottest days, you’ll have your solar system all set up and ready to power your air conditioning while it runs on overdrive, keeping your energy bill nice and low.

Reason 2: Your solar system can soak up all those sunny hours

The longest day of the year falls right at the end of June with a whopping 14 hours of daylight! With this much daylight, it’s likely your solar system will be generating far more energy than your home is using. When this happens, this means you’re likely to see low or NO utility bill and depending on your arrangement with your utility company, you may be able to sell your excess energy back to the grid through net-metering.

If net-metering isn’t an option, consider a solar battery like a Tesla Powerwall or a Generac PWRCell. These sunny days are perfect for charging up your battery to use at night for big energy cost savings or to keep your home powered during grid outages.

Reason 3: Get a 26% Federal Tax Credit

You may have heard about the Federal Tax Credit that was originally set to expire at the end of 2020. Fortunately, it was extended! This credit, known as the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit or ITC was designed to boost the solar industry and help consumers fight rising energy costs.

This credit lets you deduct 26% of the cost of your solar panel system from your taxes. This includes the equipment, installation, battery backup—everything!

Here’s the catch, though: Installation slots fill up quickly. If you wait until the end of the year, you’ll be competing with an onslaught of others looking to nab this tax credit before the year-end.

If you install early, you’ll avoid all the stress of trying to secure a spot and you’ll be up and running well before the 2021 tax credit ends. 

Reason 4: Be ready to go in the event of inclement weather or grid outages

The weather can get pretty wild in the Midwest. Our summers and seasonal transitions are full of thunderous severe storms and tornado outbreaks. These natural light shows are known to wreak havoc on local energy grids and lead to sudden power outages from high winds, downed trees, and lightning strikes.

When the lights go out, your solar energy system will be disabled to protect the line maintenance workers while they repair the grid. However, a battery backup system can keep your home powered even when the grid goes dark.

Another time this is useful is during the overwhelming heat of late summer. Sometimes, there is so much energy demand during those August heatwaves that the grid suffers from high demand. Your solar energy system will reduce the burden on the stressed grid and, if your system includes a solar battery, you won’t lose power.

Reason 5: Nice installation experience for everyone

Your journey to energy freedom starts with a solar consultation where a technician will work with you to understand your home’s unique energy needs, layout, and design considerations. This consultation largely happens outdoors.

Your solar panel installation will then involve expert technicians working tirelessly in the daytime sun.

Whether you’re thinking about your time outdoors or theirs, let’s face it—spring weather in our area of the country is lovely. Why not have all that outdoor work done when it’s nice outside?

Spring is without a doubt the best time to go solar. Don’t risk missing out on those long summer days to soak up your energy savings, be prepared for inclement weather, and head into the end of the year prepared for your hefty 26% tax credit.

If you’re ready to go Sun Solar, start the process today! Check out our Solar Savings Calculator to find out how much you or your business can save, or get in touch with one of our experts for a free consultation at 1-855-464-6786.