October 15, 2018


Charlie O’Reilly Brings Solar Energy to Local Non-Profit


Springfield, MO – An ardent believer in solar energy, Charlie O’Reilly has partnered up once again with Sun Solar, a local solar energy company in Springfield, MO.


Charlie O’Reilly’s passion for solar energy and the benefits it has on both the environment and on a business’s financial growth has led him to once again partner with Sun Solar, but this time to help a local non-profit achieve its solar energy goals.


In October 2018, former President of O’Reilly Auto Parts, Charlie O’Reilly, and Sun Solar CEO, Caleb Arthur, partnered to finalize an agreement which will enable Ozarks Food Harvest to secure its solar array system installed by Sun Solar at a much more affordable rate.


As part of the agreement, Charlie O’Reilly made a generous capital contribution to make the project possible. Charlie O’Reilly’s capital contribution to the process allows Ozarks Food Harvest the opportunity to enjoy clean energy while offsetting a portion of their electric bill each month for decades to come.


“I have been a long-time supporter of Ozarks Food Harvest,” said Charlie O’Reilly. “When I found out about the Sun Solar installation at the new facility, I was anxious to assist in any way that I could. I am so thrilled to be able to contribute towards a gift that just keeps giving for Ozarks Food Harvest.”


The solar array system at Ozarks Food Harvest was installed in May 2018 at the new facility located at 2810 N Cedarbrook Ave. The system includes a large solar carport and a solar canopy mount, totaling 428 solar panels.