Solar energy impacts the environment in a multitude of positive ways. In this blog, Sun Solar shares the three main reasons solar energy is good for the environment. We discuss the many benefits of renewable solar energy including how it impacts energy conservation, decreases water and fuel usage, protects the environment, and positively impacts human health. 

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Solar Energy Reduces Water & Fossil Fuel Usage

Air and water quality are both greatly impacted by fossil fuel usage. Unlike other energy sources, solar energy does not require fossil fuels or water to produce energy. Air quality decreases due to harmful methane and carbon dioxide produced from fossil fuels. Solar energy does not require any water usage. This means that the water that would be traditionally used to produce energy can be utilized by businesses, farmers, and communities.

A coal powered power plant produces a large amount of emissions while the sun sets.

Solar Energy Impacts Climate Change

According to the United States office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, when we reduce fossil fuel usage on a global scale, we will decrease our carbon footprint and save an estimated $259 billion in climate change damages. Not only is solar energy an economically-conscious option, but it is also an environmentally-conscious solution as well! 

A city with heavy smog and pollution blurring the sky scrapers.

Solar Energy Positively Effects Health

A benefit of solar energy panels and solar systems that is not commonly known is that solar energy usage can help better human health. In areas with high levels of energy-related particle pollution, there are severe health issues associated with both short-term and long-term exposure. A few common issues include: 

  • Decreased lung function and growth. 
  • Increased asthma and airway damage in young people. 
  • Increased death rates due to cardio vascular diseases. 
  • Low birth weights and infant mortality. 

By protecting the environment, we are also protecting ourselves! 

A happy and healthy family enjoys the Missouri woods.

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