Eternal movement or perpetual motion is the movement an object that will continue indefinitely. Perpetual motion machines are virtual machines that can work indefinitely without energy sources. This type of machine is impossible as it violates the first or second law of thermodynamics.

These thermodynamic laws apply even on very large scales. For example, although the movement and rotation of a celestial body like a planet may seem permanent, it is affected by many processes slowly dissipating kinetic energy such as solar wind, interstellar medium resistance, gravitational radiation, thermal radiation, etc. even though it appears it will move forever.

Therefore, any machine that extracts energy from a finite source is driven by the energy stored in the source, eventually exhausting, so they will not operate indefinitely. Although machines driven by more ambiguous sources have been proposed, they are subject to the same inevitable law and will ultimately be resolved.

The law of thermodynamics applies to closed linear systems. In 2017, a new state of a problem that violates the preservation of energy, which is a crystal of time, is made possible bypassing the law of thermodynamics permanently.

The history of perpetual motion machinery dates back to the Middle Ages. Many attempts to build such machines have been made up to the present age. Modern designers and supporters often use other terms such as “uniformity” to explain the invention.

“Epistemological impossibility” describes things that can never occur in the formulation of existing physical laws. This interpretation of the word “impossible” is intended for the argument that eternal perpetual motion is impossible in a closed system.

The conservation law is particularly robust from a mathematical point of view. Noeza’s theorem proved mathematically in 1915 states that the conservation law can be derived from the corresponding continuous symmetry of the action of the physical system. For example, if the true law of physics remains unchanged over time, conservation of energy will continue. On the other hand, if the preservation law is ineffective, the foundation of physics needs to change.

A scientific investigation of whether the laws of physics is invariant over time examines distant past universe using a telescope and determines whether the stars of today’s celestial body are the same as today’s stars until the limit of measurement Discover. By combining various measurements such as spectroscopy and direct measurement of the speed of light in the past it is possible for all observable times of billions of years to be substantially the same It has been proven to remain.

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