You know solar panels convert sunlight into energy during the day, but does solar work at night? The quick and easy answer is no. Solar panels can’t produce energy in the dark. Your solar panels need the sun to create power.

Although your panels take a nighttime hiatus, you can still harness your solar power after sundown. Net metering and energy storage batteries, like Tesla Powerwall, let you use the excess energy your system produces.

Learn more about what your system can do from dusk until dawn with net metering and a Tesla Powerwall.

Energy Storage Batteries: The Tesla Powerwall

Sun Solar is a certified Tesla Powerwall seller and installer. Powerwall serves as a backup power source, discharging stored solar energy whenever you need it. You can set your Powerwall to meet your needs—from self-powering your home at night to providing electricity during a grid outage.

With a Powerwall, you can save the excess energy you produce for later use. At night, when your panels aren’t generating energy, your Powerwall can provide electricity for your home. Once you’ve expended its capacity, you’ll draw electricity from your utility.

Tesla Powerwall ensures that you can keep producing and using solar energy, even if the grid is down. With the Tesla app, you can monitor and manage your power flow in real-time, and change your Powerwall’s settings. Tesla’s customizable settings include a backup-only mode that saves all of your Powerwall’s energy for an outage.

When you utilize a storage battery, like Tesla Powerwall, you’ll take less power from the grid and reduce your electric bill. Storage batteries give you control over your power so that you get the most savings out of your solar energy system.

Check out this testimonial video for more information about Tesla Powerwall and the Tesla app.

Net Metering: Earn Credit for Your Power

Without a storage battery, you’ll draw electricity from your utility company at night; but, with net metering, you’ll earn credit from your utility in exchange for the power you produce during the day.

Missouri utilities are required to offer solar customers free grid interconnection and net metering. As a Missouri resident, you will earn dollar-for-dollar credit for the energy you generate to power your home each month.

At the end of the month, your meter will tell you if you’ve generated more energy than you’ve used. When you produce excess energy, you can exchange it for wholesale credit from your utility. This credit will go toward your next bill. After installing solar, your electric bill will never look the same!

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