Your panels produce plenty of energy during the day—when you aren’t home to use it. At night, your panels don’t generate energy, but you use more power. Can you save the power you produce for later? 

With net metering, you can trade your excess power for credits from your utility company. You can use this credit when you need to draw power from the grid. In a sense, net metering credits let you “store” power for another time. 

Are you thinking about going solar? Missouri requires utilities to connect solar customers to the grid for free, allowing them to send excess power produced by solar back into the grid. Read more to learn about net metering and its benefits.

How Does Net Metering Work?

There are three key pieces to net metering: 

  1. Grid connection: Net metering keeps your solar energy system connected to the grid. You’ll be able to receive power from your utility when you need it. Many solar customers use the grid to offset their power production at night. 
  2. Measure energy usage: Solar energy systems use a bidirectional meter to measure how much energy you generate and use. True to its name, this meter runs two ways. If you produce excess energy, your meter will run in reverse and feed that energy back to the grid. 
  3. Earn credit: Your utility will give you credit in exchange for your surplus energy. 

You’ll use that credited power when you need to draw energy from the grid.  

Missouri’s “Easy Connection Act”

In Missouri, utility companies must offer net metering to their solar customers. Under the state’s “Easy Connection Act,” utilities have to provide solar customers with free grid interconnection and the ability to feed excess power to the grid. 

The “Easy Connection Act” gives Missouri solar customers net metering at no extra charge. It also ensures that your electric rates match those of customers without solar. Utilities can’t charge you for any fee that would apply only to solar customers. 

Your utility does have the right to ask you for reimbursement on a new meter. You will need one if your current meter cannot measure the net amount of your energy usage.

Net Metering Saves You Money

Solar in Missouri is well worth it. Missouri residents get a dollar-for-dollar trade on solar credits. If you live in the state, you’ll receive full retail credit for the energy you produce to offset your electric bill. That’s money back in your pocket! 

On average, 20 to 40% of the energy generated from solar systems flows into the grid, earning customers money back. When you generate more energy than you need, you’ll receive additional credit at a wholesale rate. Net metering with solar can reduce your electric bill for the rest of your life. 

Benefits of Net Metering

Net metering allows you to reap the benefits of your solar panels. While your solar panels absorb rays, your meter monitors your energy use and turns excess energy into money saved. 

Net metering will help you: 

  • Save energy. With solar panels, you’ll use less energy generated from nonrenewable sources. Your panels will provide you with clean energy and help you become more energy independent. 
  • Reduce electric bills. Net metering can save you thousands of dollars on your energy costs over the life of your solar system. Try our solar savings calculator to see what your electric bill could look like with solar.
  • Power your community. Net metering lets you put your excess energy into the grid, where it will power other homes or buildings in the area. Your panels may produce enough energy to help power your neighbors! 

Are you ready to save money with solar? 

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