The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports in 2016 that solar power has increased faster than any other fuel source, especially in Kansas City.

Institutions established after the first major oil crisis in 1973 said that 165 gigawatts of renewable energy completed last year is two thirds of the net expansion of electricity supply. Solar power generation using solar power generation has grown by almost 50%, almost 50% of the new factory built in China. And of course solar has already come to Kansas City.

IEA’s Fatih Birol secretary general said in a statement announced in Paris on Wednesday, “It is the birth of a new era of solar power generation. By 2022, I expect the growth rate will be higher than other renewable energy.” This is the sixth year consecutive year when clean energy set facility records. As the government cuts fixed payment of renewable energy from mass production, the cost of wind power and solar technology declined. Solar is one of the cheapest forms of electricity in Kansas City.

The IEA plans to introduce approximately 1,000 GW of renewable energy over the next five years. Consumption is exceeded in China, India and Germany, and the USA.

The rapid increase in China ‘s solar power generation is the main reason for government support for renewable energy, which is concerned about air pollution and environmental degradation and whose population is causing severe smog. The country is trying to reduce dependence on coal, which is the world’s largest renewable energy market, especially solar power generation.

Paolo Frank, head of the IEA’s Renewable Energy Division, said “The story of solar power is about China.” “China has been a leader in manufacturing for many years, new things are market share, this year is equivalent to the total capacity of German solar.

The United States and India are in countries promoting renewable energy. It is estimated that it will cooperate with China and account for two-thirds of the world’s clean energy expansion. Despite President Donald Trump promising to strengthen coal’s position in the electricity market, the US is expected to become the second largest renewable energy market.

The IEA also expects it to play its role in the biofuel transportation industry, which is larger than the benefits of electric vehicles.

“Electric vehicles have been drawing attention recently for several months and are increasing rapidly worldwide, but we must not forget biofuels that account for 96% of renewable transport at the end of 2016.”

Although the number of electric vehicles doubles in 2022, the IEA estimates that biofuels will account for 93% of the renewable energy consumed in the transportation industry. Fuel is especially necessary for heavy vehicles including aircraft and ships.

The government recommends the government to introduce incentives to avoid diverting fuel crops to fuel tanks to promote the development of biofuels made from non-edible plants. At the moment, the cost of biofuels is said to be about twice the gasoline.

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