When you’re making the switch to solar, you get to choose from dozens of options and customizations. Do you want to have a ground mount or a roof mount system? Are you interested in battery storage for home backup? What about a monitoring system?

Once we start seeing dollar signs, even more questions arise. How are you going to pay for this system? What kind of financing should you choose? Though solar panels will ultimately save you money, you will have to be prepared to make an upfront financial decision before you dive in.

Today, we’re highlighting one kind of financing: solar leasing. Let’s take a look and discover the benefits of getting a lease for your solar system.

What are the benefits of a solar lease?

1. Low monthly payments make it easy to get started

Solar leases have no upfront costs associated to them – just the monthly lease fee, making it easy for anyone to break into solar energy. If you’re unsure about getting started with solar, it can be a lower upfront commitment to have a lease. Loans are also available, and many come with a zero money down benefit, though they will often have higher monthly payments than a lease.

2. Able to buy your panels after seven years

For many who lease, their main concern is not being able to eventually own their solar panels. If this is a fear of yours, don’t worry. Sun Solar offers a lease purchase program that allows you to purchase your solar panels after leasing them for a predetermined amount of time. Our lease program offers an optional buyout after leasing for seven years.

3. Decrease your bill immediately

Of all of the options, leasing your solar panels is the quickest way to see a return on investment. When purchasing with cash or a loan, it usually takes some time to build back up the money you spent upon your initial purchase. Without spending money upfront, you can see your bill decrease immediately and begin to reap the benefits of your solar power even sooner.

Buying vs. leasing vs. getting a loan for your solar panels


Loan Lease Cash
Zero down investment
Ability to own panels ✓ (through purchase option)
Ability to use tax credits and rebates
Long term commitment to solar
Savings through going solar

How can I determine my solar savings?

The best way to determine how much you can save with solar is by contacting Sun Solar for a free, no pressure consultation. Sun Solar Energy Consultants are experts who can break down the cost of your solar panels and show you the price versus the savings you will see over the lifespan of the solar system. Our team at Sun Solar goes above and beyond, assisting you with choosing a solar system that would be best for your home or business depending on your area and the needs of your property. Once we have presented you with several options, we can discuss financing options along with potential tax credits and rebates you may be eligible for.

Want to find your savings even quicker? Check out our Solar Savings Calculator. By entering your average utility bill, we can immediately calculate how much you could save by going solar. We know, it’s pretty awesome!

Do you want to learn more about leasing solar panels?  

Contact Sun Solar today. We’re here to help you discover solar financing options and provide quality, long-lasting solar systems.