Whether you are looking for a way to store excess energy produced by your solar panels or you are looking to power your home during a grid outage, Tesla Powerwall may be the answer. Below, we’ve shared some Tesla Powerwall benefits that may influence you to add this battery to your home power system. 

What Is Tesla Powerwall?

Compact and affordable, Tesla Powerwall is battery storage developed for your home. A product of Tesla Energy, Tesla Powerwall is a battery system designed to store excess energy generated by solar power panels. Depending on your specific needs and goals, Tesla Powerwall can power your home at night with stored solar energy that was produced during the day, or can be utilized as a backup system in the place of a grid outage.  

Each Tesla Powerwall knows when to charge and when to begin powering your home. Through the Tesla app, you can monitor your home battery and solar production, as well as change your home’s power flow as necessary. Because of this feature, a Powerwall must be connected to the Internet. 

Tesla Powerwall Settings

The Tesla Powerwall has several settings that allow you to personalize its functionality to your needs. The following settings are available with a Tesla Powerwall:

  • Self-powered. On self-powered mode, a Tesla Powerwall will store any excess energy your solar panels catch during the day to power your home a night. This option is only for those with solar energy. 
  • Backup-only. With backup-only, you can set your Tesla Powerwall to save its power for an outage. The Powerwall will only provide energy for your home when your power goes out. Once power on the grid has been restored, your Powerwall will notify you and stop powering your home. 
  • Time-based control. This mode will forecast your energy rates. When rates are high, you can use energy from the Powerwall to offset your usage, saving you money. The Powerwall will only charge from the grid when energy rates are low. 
  • Storm watch. Under the storm watch setting, your Tesla Powerwall will connect to the National Weather Service and reserve its energy for incoming severe weather. 
  • Preconditioning. Batteries have a harder time charging in colder weather. In the winter, you can set your Tesla Powerwall to preconditioning. This mode will heat the Powerwall and allow it to store more energy. 

Tesla Powerwall Benefits

Investing in a home battery can reduce the amount you spend on electricity and ensure that you are never without power. With Tesla Powerwall, you can save money and become more energy independent.

If you have a solar energy system, the addition of a Powerwall can allow you to self-power your home most, if not all, of the time. Tesla Powerwall will charge from your solar panels during the day and then continue to provide your home with power at night, once the sun has gone down. When the sun rises again the next day, the process begins anew and your Powerwall will begin to recharge. 

All Tesla Powerwalls come with a 10-year warranty. They also qualify for a Federal Tax Credit if they are installed with an existing or new solar energy system. To qualify for this credit, the Tesla Powerwall(s) must be 100% charged by solar energy. The Federal Tax Credit is dropping in 2020. Consult your tax professional to see if you qualify.

Where Can I Buy A Tesla Powerwall?

You will need to have your Tesla Powerwall installed by a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. These installers have been professionally trained and are required to follow the quality and inspection guidelines outlined by Tesla. Missouri’s #1 Solar Installer, Sun Solar, is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer and is able to both sell and install your Tesla Powerwall.  

The number of Tesla Powerwalls you may need will depend on the amount of energy you use and how you wish to discharge your battery. A professional Sun Solar Energy Consultant can survey your usage to help determine how many batteries your home would require. 

Are you ready to add a Tesla Powerwall to your home?

Contact our certified Energy Consultants at Sun Solar today. We can install your Tesla home battery and answer your questions about energy storage.

Looking for more information, check out this testimonial video to see Tesla Powerwall in action and how to utilize the Tesla monitoring app.