Solar panels give you more freedom over your energy usage and save you money on your electric bill. There are many benefits of solar energy, and, if you’re ready to go solar, you may be wondering what the installation process is like. Sun Solar makes the process simple. We help you every step of the way, from designing your system to obtaining your permits.

Are you ready for solar energy? We’ll take you through the process of going solar in 10 steps.

1. Free Consultation

Our professional Energy Consultants will meet with you to review your electric bill and determine what type of system meets your needs. We can install solar panels on your home or business and offer a variety of mounting options including roof mounts, ground mounts, solar carport, or solar canopy. Our Energy Consultants will be able to answer your questions about solar energy and discuss the benefits of each type of system at this time. Call us to schedule a free consultation!

2. Financing & Agreement

Solar panels are an investment that pays you back in the long run. There are many financing options for those pursuing solar energy. You may want to pay cash up front, or you may want to apply for a solar loan through Sun Solar, your bank, or another trusted lender. Your Energy Consultant will help you determine which financing option is best for you. Once you sign the necessary agreements, we will begin your installation process.

3. Meet Your Team

When you go solar with Sun Solar, you have a team of professionals assigned to you to ensure your solar energy project is designed and installed to perfection. Your Energy Consultant and designated Project Coordinator will be available to you throughout the entire project.

4. Site Survey & Final Feasibility Study

Our experts at Sun Solar will design your custom energy system so that you get the most out of your solar panels. When designing your solar energy system, we take into consideration the orientation of your roof, any shading concerns, amount of available space, and budget. Before we build your system, we will perform a final site evaluation. Our team of site surveyors will visit your home or property to ensure that the project is designed for optimal performance. We will notify you if any changes are made to the plans and have you sign additional documentation.

5. Submit Permits & Net Metering Applications

Sun Solar will obtain the permits you need for your solar energy system. Depending on where you live, we may need to submit for electrical, building, and solar photovoltaic (PV) permits. Our team will submit for any city permits you need and complete net metering applications through your utility company. A net metering agreement allows you to feed unused energy back to the grid.

How quickly your net metering application is approved will depend on your utility company. If your system is under 10 kW, your net metering application may only take 30 days to be approved. For systems larger than 10 kW, your application approval may take up to 90 days. With Sun Solar, you won’t have to worry about obtaining permits. Our team will take care of everything.

6. Schedule Your Install

Once we obtain your permits, you’re well on your way to getting a new solar energy system. With approval from your city and electric company, we will schedule your solar installation.

7. Installation & Energy Efficiency

Our team of certified installers and electricians will visit your home or property to install your solar energy system. We will securely install your mounts first. Then, we will attach solar panels to the mounts and connect them to your electrical system. During this time, your Energy Efficiency service will be completed, too.

8. Submit Final Documents & Payment

Our professional installers typically finish projects in two days. Once your system is set up, we will notify you of any further documentation you need to sign and request any necessary payments, depending on your type of financing.

9. Swap Meters & Go Live

Your utility company will swap your current meter out with a bi-directional meter, which allows electricity to flow two ways. This meter will measure how much energy you use from the grid and how much excess energy you give back to the grid. Your utility company will change your meter within 30 days after your solar energy system is installed. Keep in mind that the timeline for solar varies by utility company.

Once you get your bi-directional meter, it’s time to go live and start generating energy! Your system switch will be turned on, so your solar panels can start collecting rays.

10. Save Money!

Solar panels offset your energy usage, reducing your monthly electric bill. When you have excess energy, you can sell it back to the grid. With your solar energy system, you’ll be able to produce power and save money for life!

Over time, solar panels can save you thousands of dollars. The average homeowner saves between $10,000 and $30,000 over the lifetime of their panels. It won’t be long before your solar panels have paid for themselves and more! How much can you save with solar? Try our solar savings calculator and find out.

Our team at Sun Solar will ensure that your installation runs smoothly. Contact or call us today at 855-464-6786 to start planning for your solar energy system. We can’t wait for you to experience the benefits of solar energy!