From the sultry, sticky summer days to the toe-nipping winter, we Midwesterners are always fighting consumption issues in the home. And, lets face it, it doesn’t help that our electric rates keep rising.

Well, great news, we are here to tell you that you are not stuck between skyrocketing bills in the summer and wearing double pairs of socks & sweaters around the house in the winter. Here are 5 ways to live comfortably and efficiently:


1. Control the Thermostat

A hand turning down the thermostatHeating and air conditioning are major electricity suckers for most people. A quick and easy fix to this is to monitor your thermostat closely. Keep it comfortable when you are home but lower it down to 60-62 when you are away – you’d be surprised at how much this could save you.



2. Stop the Leaks

A properly sealed house cuts costs significantly. Think about it, you pay to pump heat and air into the home, so letting it seep out is like throwing money out the window (almost literally).

Lucky for you, there are companies, like Smart Energy Solutions, that can assist you in evaluating your home’s efficiency. You can see a significant amount of savings just by properly sealing your doors, windows and attic entrance.


3. Make the Most of Your Fireplace

A st of feet warming up by the fireplaceHuddling in front of a cozy hearth fire is the best part of winter! But contrary to intuition, fireplaces CAN suck warm air right out of a house through the chimney.

To make sure your fireplace is heating you and not the great outdoors:

  • Keep the damper and glass fireplace doors closed whenever the fireplace isn’t in use
  • Check the damper’s seal to make sure it’s snug
  • Have your fireplace & chimney cleaned and inspected regularly


4. Stop Using Electricity When You’re Not Using Electricity

How many times have you left a room and left the light on? When you are done working on your laptop, do you keep it plugged in? Items such as kitchen appliances, televisions, and gaming consoles continue to use electricity even when they are not in use.

By simply unplugging these items during the day when you are not using them, you will be saving your hard-earned cash. To make this task easier, utilize power strips.


5. Free Solar Power

orange roof with black solar panels and a sun shining downWho would we be if we didn’t mention solar? Solar is a one of the most effective ways to lower your electric bill. Sure, you pay for the solar panels themselves, but this investment will pay for itself over time. Think about it, you can never pay off your electric company, but you can pay off your solar.


Making minor adjustments, similar to the ones listed above, is an easy way to reduce energy consumption around the home and save money on your electric bill each month. If you are ready to drastically start saving money on your electric bill, contact the energy experts at Sun Solar for a free, no pressure consultation.