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About Smart Energy Solutions

Smart Energy Solutions is a division of Sun Solar that aims to provide energy-saving alternatives, focusing on reducing before you produce. Our energy efficiency experts can assess your home or business and help you discover your savings.

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Smart Energy Solutions cares about the earth, the people on it, and strives to sustain both by providing alternative energy solutions. We will strive to help people save money by offering energy efficiency services and custom solar installations. These services will reduce energy bills and leave a carbon footprint smaller than we found it.

  • Reduce Before You Produce



    • Reduce Moisture Issues
    • Increase The Comfort Of Your Home
    • Increase The Performance Of Utility Equipment
    • Increase The Value of Your Home

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Make Your Space Sustainable

What Is Included

  • Water Heater Insulation Jacket Installation
  • Upgrade Lighting To Led Light Bulbs
  • Attic Entrance Sealing
  • Blower Door Testing
  • Air Sealing And Weather-Stripping
  • Duct Repair And Sealing
  • Programmable Smart Thermostat*
  • Steps To Energy Efficiency

    Before starting your assessment process, we will reach out to you to discuss the unique energy needs of your home.

  • Steps To Energy Efficiency

    Our team of experts will perform a free assessment to determine the best ways to make your home more energy efficient.

  • Steps To Energy Efficiency

    We provide you with information about the trouble areas in your home and offer solutions to energy-sucking appliances and leaking structures.

  • Steps To Energy Efficiency

    Once your home is efficient, you’ll get to enjoy a lower energy bill and save more money each month.

This company has what many companies are missing today and that is amazing customer service. From the energy consultant to the installers, the electricians, the energy audit folks and all of the office people. We have had an AWESOME experience from day one, and this does not even include the amazing savings we are seeing. Thanks for all you do.

Andrea Cote, Springfield, MO
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