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the power of battery backups

About battery backups

Maximize your solar system’s potential with a battery backup. Many electric companies are transitioning to TOU (time of use) billing system, where your utility rates fluctuate depending on your electricity use during peak times. Instead of simply selling your energy back to the power grid, with a solar battery you can use your excess energy when it benefits you most.

During grid outages, even if you have a solar system, your home’s power must be turned off so the line repairman can work safely. Solar batteries allow you to use stored energy to power your home and avoid outages, even while these types of repairs take place.

Tesla Powerwall

  • 24/7 Mobile Monitoring & Support
  • Compact
  • Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • No Maintenance
  • Liquid Thermal controls
  • Independent fuses
  • Touch Safe Technology
  • Most affordable home battery systems in terms of cost per kW

generac pwrcell

  • 24/7 Mobile Monitoring & Support
  • Compact or Cabinet
  • Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Built in USA

Which Battery pack is right for me?

Each solar battery system is well-suited to serve as a basic backup for your home energy system. However, each brand has unique capabilities and use requirements.

Determining which battery backup will work best for any new or currently installed solar system is something we can help with. During your consultation, your Sun Solar energy representative can help you determine your home’s energy use, ideal placement of a battery, and which brand would work best for your needs.

How much can solar energy save you?

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