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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information before you go solar? We’ve answered some of your most common queries here.

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  • How much does a solar system cost?

    There is no easy answer to this since every system can vary. Each system Sun Solar provides is custom-designed to offset the electric costs of the home's occupants. Factors such as square footage, how efficient the home is, the number of occupants, energy usage and roof layout all play a vital role in pricing a custom system.

  • What Warranties Does Sun Solar Offer?

    Sun Solar is partnered with Solar Insure to bring forward one of the best solar warranties in the United States. We offer a 30 year workmanship warranty that covers every single part of your system, from the panels all the way to the flashing on your roof.


  • How much will solar save me?

    Typically, solar systems are designed to cover the cost of an energy bill, though this too can vary. An average range of savings over the life of a system is $40,000-$60,000.

  • What incentives are available to help pay for my solar system?

    The federal government offers a 30% federal tax credit to any individual or business that installs a solar system. This can be taken all at once or spread out over five years. In addition to this, some utility companies offer cash rebates for installing solar systems.

  • What is the best location for my solar array?

    South-facing solar panels will receive the best level of production, however, solar electric systems facing west or east will also work if that is the best option for your roof. If your roof is not the optimal place for your solar, systems can also be mounted on the ground.

  • How durable are the solar panels and how long will they last?

    Solar electric panels are very durable and designed to sustain one inch hail falling at approximately 50 miles per hour. The solar electric panels themselves are warrantied for 25 years but have a longer life expectancy than that. There are solar electric systems that were installed in the 1970's that are still functioning today! We've also got you covered with our 25-year workmanship warranty!

  • Does my solar system still produce on a cloudy day?

    You bet! Your system will still produce even when the sun is hiding behind dark clouds. Solar energy operates off of energy from the sun which penetrates cloud coverage. Therefore, solar panels will continue to produce energy for your home or business, just not at the full capacity it would on a clear and sunny day.

  • Will my insurance cover my solar system?

    Most insurance companies will insure a solar electric system; however, we recommend you contact your insurance agent for the specifics of your policy.

  • What happens if I need my roof replaced?

    Sun Solar is mindful of the roof we are installing on and will not proceed with installation if the roof is within 5 years of needing to be replaced. In the case that you have solar and your roof needs to be replaced, the solar panels will have to be removed and reinstalled. Once you have panels installed on your roof, the panels themselves will actually shield that section of shingles from the sun and other destructive elements, helping to extend the life of the shingles!

  • Are there alternative mounting options if I do not want solar panels on my roof?

    Absolutely. If the space is not available on your roof, the city or neighborhood you live in does not allow solar to be installed on the roof or if you just prefer to not mount your solar on your roof, we have alternative options. Sun Solar also offers ground mounts, car ports and pergola solar mounts. Contact us directly for more details.

  • How will this affect me if I decide to sell my home after solar is installed?

    Don't fret -- recent studies show that solar increases the value of your home and may sell your home quicker with the added amenity. We do recommend that you ensure your realtor is educated on the benefits of solar energy before listing your home.

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