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About Residential Solar

Let the power of the sun ease your energy worries. By adding solar panels to your home, you can take control of rising electric bills and keep more money in your pocket. After we install your system, we won’t leave you hanging either. Sun Solar is here every step of the way to ensure your system works just as it should.


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    • Save Money From Day One
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    • Enjoy The Benefits of Clean Energy
    • Save With Tax Credits & Incentives

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How Solar Works

  • Solar panels are composed of silicon crystals that help turn sunlight into electricity. These panels are placed on your roof, on a ground mount or on a nearby structure with good exposure to sunlight. After your panels are installed, your solar panels will receive sunlight and produce energy.

  • The DC power produced by your solar panels is sent to your inverter, which is often located in a central hub or located on the back of each individual solar panel. This inverter turns this DC current into usable AC electricity.

  • After being converted to AC electricity, your energy will flow into either your electrical panel or breaker box to be used for your home or facility.

  • Your utility company will install a meter that measures both the electricity used and produced by your solar panels. Through net-metering, if you produce more energy than you use, you will receive credits for your next utility bill.

  • You can monitor how your solar system is performing with easy-to-understand monitoring equipment, providing you peace of mind that your system is working.

Go Solar Risk Free

Tax Credits & Incentives

  • Federal Tax Credit

    Homeowners going solar may qualify for a 30% federal tax credit, giving you 30% of the total cost of your solar system back as a credit against your total tax liability. *Always consult with your trusted tax professional to verify eligibility.

  • Solar Rebates

    Your utility company may offer a rebate for those using solar energy, providing you with cash to pay for a portion of your solar system. These rebates are available for a limited time only.

Customize Solar For Your Home

Solar Install Options

No matter your needs, we have solar panel solutions for your home. We can help you assess the amount of available space you have along with your style preferences to determine which solar install option would work best for you.

  • Roof Mount Solar Panel

    Our roof mount panels work with many different roof materials and shapes, providing a modern look to your home without taking up any space on the ground.

  • Ground Mount Solar Panel

    Ground mount solar panels allow you to utilize land that is going unused, giving you the freedom to orient your panel in a way that best generates power.

  • Carport/Canopy Solar Panel

    Protect your vehicle from the elements while soaking up solar energy with a carport/canopy composed of solar panels.

Pay For Your System

Solar Financing Options

Smarthome Plan

Looking to enjoy the benefits of green living without having to purchase a system? Use our in-house Smarthome program to go solar without a large up-front investment by leasing a solar system and making low monthly payments.


With a low-interest solar loan from a Sun Solar third-party company, you can start saving money with solar even if you don't have the immediate cash to buy a system. Sun Solar has a variety of loan options, or you can purchase your solar system outright through a loan from a trusted bank or credit union. For most customers, the loan payment is less than their electric bill and, once your solar is paid off, your system keeps producing free electricity for years to come.


By paying cash, you can get an upfront lower cost and start seeing a quicker return on investment. Paying cash allows you to avoid a solar payment and say goodbye to rising electric rates for all of the electricity your solar produces for life.

  • Steps to going solar

    Talk to a solar expert to see if your home is eligible.

  • Steps to going solar

    We custom design your solar system for optimal energy production.

  • Steps to going solar

    You relax while we submit designs and secure permits from the city for your solar system.

  • Steps to going solar

    Our master electricians and operations crew install your solar system.

  • Steps to going solar

    You start saving SUN money!

I am very PROUD of the work performed by Sun Solar! Throughout the project, they worked hard to earn my trust and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable with the end result ... I would highly recommend Sun Solar to anyone interested in saving money on their electric bill.

Richard Carter, Stockton, MO
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