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About Commercial Solar

We’re living in a green era. It’s more important than ever to be thinking about the energy you’re using and the money you’re spending on it. No matter whether you’re a retail outlet, warehouse, office building or athletic facility, utilizing solar can save you money and improve your energy efficiency. Plus, can you name any business asset you have that makes its own payment? Turn to us when it’s time for your business to get solar.


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  • Dollars Saved by Sun Solar Customers
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  • Let Solar Help Your Business

    Solar Benefits

    • Reduce Your Business’s Operating Costs
    • Generate Free Electricity
    • Avoid Rising Electric Rates For Decades
    • Sound Investments with High ROI
    • Maintenance Free
    • Sustainable Business
    • Marketing Value of Green Energy

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Go Solar Risk Free

Tax Credits & Incentives

  • Federal Tax Credits

    Government agencies and businesses qualify to receive a tax credit for 30% of the cost for their solar system to be used as a tax liability for the year that the system was installed. This can be claimed all at once or can be spread out over 5 years. *Always consult with your trusted tax professional to verify eligibility.

  • System Depreciation

    Tax laws have changed and you can now depreciate your solar electric system 100% after the first year of installation. You can spread this out over 5-years if needed.

  • Solar Rebates

    Some utility companies offer rebates up to $75,000 per account to encourage businesses to invest in renewable energy. Contact us now to see if you are in a rebate area. These rebates are available for a limited time only.

  • REAP Grants

    The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) offers loan guarantees through and gives up to 25% of the total solar cost for agricultural producers and small, rural businesses.

  • PACE Program

    The Property Assessed Clean Energy program (PACE) allows businesses in participating areas to finance the cost of their system for up to 20 years with repayment added to each year’s property tax.

  • Lease

    Sun Solar offers a commercial operating lease that allows your business to go solar without a large upfront investment. With this program, a solar system is installed on your business and you simply start making monthly lease payments.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    With this option, you pay no money down and have a solar system installed on your business or organization. Then you simply buy the power that the system produces at a cheaper rate than what you’re paying the electric company now.

  • Loans

    With a loan, your business obtains the financing to purchase a system outright. With this option, your business gets to take advantage of tax benefits along with the energy savings.

Customize Solar for Your Business

Solar Install Options

Your solar system should match your business goals and budget needs. Whether you want your solar system to fit in or stand out, we can help you choose the right option for your business.

  • Roof Mount Solar Panel

    Roof mounts are a classic option for solar panels, providing an easily installable solution for your business solar needs.

  • Ground Mount Solar Panel

    No room left on the roof? You’re in luck. Ground mounts can be placed anywhere that gets partial sunlight and offer ease of access for cleaning and troubleshooting.

  • Canopy Solar Panel

    It’s a shade-seeker’s paradise. Solar-paneled covered canopies offer maximum energy benefits and the perfect place for your visitors to relax.

  • Carport Solar Panel

    Your customers will appreciate covered parking even more when it gives back to the planet. Solar carports save space while adding value to your business.

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